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Our Mission: To promote vascular health education and awareness in our communities.


Our Story

How We Got Started

Center for Vascular Awareness (CVA) was established in 2004 because vascular disease affects tens of millions of Americans, is under-recognized, has risk factors that influence us in our younger years, and results in crippling conditions later in our lives well beyond when it could be prevented. The faces of vascular are diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, and heart disease. You see these faces every day, far too often amongst your neighbors, friends, and family. So, come join us in shaping vascular health, there is much to be done and we need your help!

Board of Directors

Sharon Cillis, RN

David Ford, MD

Larry Scher, MD

Our Team

President/ CEO:

Manish Mehta, MD, MPH

Program Manager:

Christine Sawh

Associate Program Manager:

Caitlin Reilly



Volunteers are essential to our organization. They share their talent, time, and skills to make our programs successful. To show our appreciation, we have created a bi-weekly volunteer spotlight to feature one of our amazing volunteers.

Meet Anil Hingorani, MD!

Center for Vascular Awareness would like to thank Dr. Anil Hingorani for his hard work and commitment as a V-Healthy volunteer. Dr. Hingorani works at the Vascular Institute of New York as a vascular surgeon. When Dr. Hingorani is not working, he enjoys riding his bike around local beaches and parks.

What inspired you to start a career in medicine?

During my residency, I visited a vascular surgeon’s office and had an eye-opening experience when I saw the impact that vascular procedures can have on patients and their families.  One specific patient who was suffering from debilitating rest pain comes to mind.  Both the patient and his family were angry with how uncomfortable he was.  After the patient had bypass surgery, he was no longer in pain or feeling depressed, and could sleep again. The family was also happy to have their loved one back and I realized what a great impact we could have.

Why do you think it is important to promote vascular awareness?

Here in South Brooklyn, we have an abysmal level of medical awareness in our community. We routinely see patients who are diagnosed with diabetes after an emergency amputation due to their diabetes being out of control. These are often young working patients. We have the potential to make a huge impact on our community by promoting vascular awareness.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering with CVA?

I remember seeing some of the reactions of the high school students when we were showing them how an angioplasty balloon works and watching them handle the devices. Some of them really understood the potential of this powerful technology and I could see their faces light up.

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Volunteers are essential to our organization! Join our team of volunteers who share their talent, time, and skills which make our programs successful.

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